Writings from Ravenfell


How Ravenfell Came To Be


When my husband and I were engaged we had decided we wanted to create our own family crest. There is a crest for Hoyle but we wanted it more personal to us. My daughter also has her father’s last name and we wanted to create a house name that she felt included in. We may not all three be Hoyles, but we are all of the house Ravenfell.

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For Scotland


The waves they consume

like my love for the land

the green hills and tall cliffs

playback in my mind.

Oh how I miss

the taste of that ale

and hear the ballads

of Scotland’s old tales.

Take me back

the the time of our queen

and drink down old sorrows

that we fought to defend.

Then raise up our glasses

to the pride of our clan

and march in the bagpipes

to the Brave of Scotland.



Cedar Point


Something my family made sure to do since I was very young was go to Cedar Point at least for one day every summer. When I would date as a teenager/young adult it was an unsaid requirement that my significant other had to like roller coasters. I remember making a mental note that a relationship wouldn’t work out when a boy told me he didn’t like roller coasters. Being adventurous and enjoying amusement parks was important to me.

When I had my daughter, Cedar Point was one thing I couldn’t wait to share with her. I wasn’t sure how my daughter would take roller coasters but when we went to Disney World when she was six, she was just tall enough to ride The Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. She surprised me and made me so proud when she was brave to try them and LOVED them.

The following year she was just tall enough to try some of the roller coasters at Cedar Point. We started in Camp Snoopy and worked our way up. We did the Mine Ride, which was a huge success. Her new favorite ride is the Iron Dragon and she even rode the Gemini. We did the Blue Streak too but that one is a pretty rough ride so once was enough.

This is a video of that trip to Cedar Point summer of 2017. We look forward to seeing which new rides she can tackle as she grows. Here’s to many new and shared amusement park traditions!



I mentioned in this blog about our tradition of having one of our Christmas presents be a family day trip somewhere. Just after Christmas in 2016 we went back to C.O.S.I. which stands for Center of Science and Industry. It consists of amazing hands-on, all age friendly activities and exhibits. It is a family favorite and we never tire of going. It’s about an hour and a half drive for us and well worth it for a day trip.

I’m excited to add in this a blog a video of our second trip to C.O.S.I. The video quality isn’t the best in this, I know, but I was a bit excited to find a good editing program and I had fun piecing this video together.

I hope you enjoy!




“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein



It was so easy for me to adore

Right away I longed to see more

Everything was a comfort calling me

Lush, green land with Cliffs of Moher and sea

Ancient castles’ histories, wonders and mystery

Never thought I’d yearn for land so faraway

Dear beautiful Erin, what I’d give to call you home someday.


       Suzy Homemaker

My husband I had been talking for a long time about me eventually staying home to take care of the house and possibly work from there. Due to some changes in my job last fall, that opportunity came up sooner than we expected. Because my husband is amazing and willing, he too had to make a job change. He is now “the world’s okayest mail carrier” and I’m so proud of him.

My last day to work out of the home was going to be the start of my daughter’s winter break. I was saving my goodbyes to fellow employees and customers for my last week. I wanted to have closure and properly end that 5 year chapter of my life. But life has other plans. Continue reading


One of my hobbies is sewing. I’ve picked it up about a few years ago so I’m still learning but I have fun playing around and experimenting. One thing I like to do is wing it without a pattern or base projects on patterns. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. This is one costume that worked out. Our library had a mini comic con a few years ago and my daughter picked out Baby Mouse to dress up as. I used a stretchy performance fabric for the dress and used the same fabric over a very sturdy interfacing for the ears. She was the cutest (and only) Baby Mouse there. 🙂




I’m fortunate to get to stay home and care for the house and family. Some days I get overwhelmed feeling like so much needs done that I can’t figure out where to start. I’m learning to be more realistic with my time and what I can actually fit in to my day. I had been putting a significant amount of time in to my book but I’m in a bit of a rut and neglected some cleaning while focused on writing so I decided to take this week off to clean. I had planned on tidying up the living room today but kind of got carried away in reorganizing all of our books instead…



Happy Valentine’s Day!

My daughter wanted to make Doctor Who cards this year for school. We found some inspiration online and I love how her art turned out. 🙂


Today also holds a very special place in my heart because Valentine’s Day 2010 is the day my daughter was baptised. I have video of it but unfortunately no photographs. But it’s a memory I cherish.


Today happens to be Ash Wednesday as well, which is the start of the season of Lent. I can’t help but smile at how it all aligned this year.

It reminds me of the verses Matthew 22:36-39, and 1 Corinthians 13:13:

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Cleveland Museum of Art


My husband doesn’t get a day off too frequently but it’s always a wonderful surprise when he does get one. It was a week day that my daughter gets picked up by her dad from school so we had a little bit more freedom with time. I’ve been wanting to go to a museum for awhile and I found out my husband has never been to the art one. So we planned for a date day, which doesn’t happen often enough. We drove about an hour away to visit the Cleveland Museum of ArtContinue reading